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Ajman (United Arab Emirates)

A strategic business hub with leisurely charms for the discerning entrepreneur.

Company formation in Ajman, United Arab Emirates: advantages and disadvantages
Pictured: Ajman's modern skyline on the Persian Gulf waterfront
The Emirate of Ajman, nestled within the United Arab Emirates, is a blend of cultural richness and modern sophistication. Being the smallest emirate by area, Ajman’s strategic location on the Persian Gulf offers significant trade and tourism opportunities. With a robust infrastructure, a favorable tax regime, and an open economy, Ajman presents itself as an ideal destination for both business enthusiasts and travelers seeking an intimate exploration of the UAE’s cultural mosaic. Main citiesAjman
Country Ajman (United Arab Emirates)
Population Data not available
Capital Ajman (Population data not available)
Language Arabic (100%)
Time in Ajman GMT+4
Currency United Arab Emirates dirham (د.إ, AED)
Religion Islam (76%) Christianity (9%) Hinduism (6.6%) Other religions (8.4%)
Tax regime No personal income tax
VAT 5%
Overage salary Data not available

Ajman: Your Next Destination for Business and Serenity

Ajman, while often overshadowed by its larger neighbors, is a hidden gem in the UAE. Its compact size brings about an intimate charm, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of business and leisure. For entrepreneurs, Ajman offers a lucrative environment characterized by strategic port locations, a growing tourism sector, and a business-friendly atmosphere. For retirees and expatriates, the emirate promises a serene lifestyle, replete with pristine beaches, historic landmarks, and modern amenities. Ajman is a confluence of traditional Emirati culture and contemporary urbanity, making it an attractive proposition for those considering relocation.

Living in Ajman (United Arab Emirates)

Cost of living

Living in Ajman is generally more affordable compared to the bigger emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Its smaller size and fewer touristy attractions mean lower costs on rents, dining, and entertainment. However, as with other parts of the UAE, luxurious lifestyles can be pursued at a higher cost. Properties in prime locations or beachfronts are pricier, while more inland areas offer affordable housing. Transportation, utilities, and groceries are reasonably priced, making the overall cost of living balanced for both locals and expatriates.

Quality of education

Ajman, in line with the UAE’s commitment to education, has been making strides in offering quality education. Ajman University is a notable institution in the emirate, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. With a diverse student base and a focus on research and innovation, it stands as a testament to Ajman’s dedication to academic excellence. International schools with varied curricula are also present, catering to the expatriate community.

Health care and insurance

The healthcare infrastructure in Ajman is commendable with well-equipped hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. Both public and private healthcare facilities provide a high standard of care. Health insurance is mandatory for all UAE residents, and Ajman is no exception. Various insurance packages are available, catering to different needs and budgets. For non-citizens, private health insurance is recommended, with many employers offering it as part of their employment packages.


Ajman experiences a desert climate with hot summers and milder winters. The months between November and March are relatively cooler, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and beach visits.

When is the best time to visit Ajman?

The best time to visit Ajman is during the cooler months between November and March when the climate is pleasant. Additionally, visiting during off-peak seasons might offer cost benefits in terms of accommodation and other amenities.

Fun and entertainment

For the younger crowd, Ajman offers a range of sports activities, from watersports to desert adventures. The nightlife is more subdued compared to Dubai but is growing, with upscale lounges and beach clubs making their mark.

Best places to live in Ajman

Whether you’re seeking the vibrant energy of a city or the calm serenity of coastal and rural areas, Ajman offers a mix of lifestyles to suit various preferences. Here are some of the top places to consider:

Ajman City

As the capital city of the Emirate, Ajman City boasts a mix of modernity and tradition. Its skyline is dotted with high-rises, and it serves as the commercial and administrative heart of Ajman. The city provides a blend of cultural attractions, shopping centers, and a coastline adorned with beautiful beaches. Its strategic location ensures that other Emirates are easily accessible, making it an ideal base for professionals working in the region.

Al Jurf

Located towards the northern side of Ajman, Al Jurf is known for its residential appeal, especially for families. The area offers a range of amenities, including schools, healthcare facilities, and parks. Its proximity to the Ajman University of Science and Technology makes it popular among students and academic professionals.

Al Rashidiya

Another key area in Ajman, Al Rashidiya is a hub of activity. It’s densely populated and offers a variety of residential options. The area is known for its local markets, eateries, and proximity to key landmarks in the Emirate. It is also well-connected by road, making daily commutes easier.

Is Ajman safe?

Ajman, similar to the rest of the Emirates in the UAE, maintains a notably high level of safety. The Emirate is known for its stringent law enforcement, which has contributed to a low crime rate. While petty crimes like pickpocketing in crowded areas may occasionally occur, they are relatively rare. Residents and tourists alike often remark about the sense of security they feel, even during the night. It’s worth noting, however, that the UAE has strict laws and cultural norms, which, when violated, can result in severe penalties. Hence, it is advisable for newcomers and visitors to familiarize themselves with local customs and regulations. Overall, Ajman provides a safe environment for both its residents and visitors, making it an attractive destination for living, working, or traveling.

Moving to Ajman

How to move to Ajman as an expat


Ajman, as part of the UAE, offers multiple visa options for expatriates, from employment visas to investor visas. The process is streamlined, with clear guidelines provided by the UAE government. Duration and eligibility depend on the type of visa applied for.

Residency By Investment

Ajman offers Residency By Investment schemes where foreign nationals can obtain residency by making significant investments in the emirate, usually in the real estate or business sectors.

Does Ajman (United Arab Emirates) allow Dual Citizenship?

No, the United Arab Emirates, including Ajman, does not permit dual citizenship.

Real estate

Real estate in Ajman has been on a growth trajectory. With more affordable prices compared to its neighboring emirates, Ajman is becoming a hotspot for both investors and residents. In the city center, an apartment can be more affordable than in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, while a villa in a less urban area provides value for money. The government’s push for sustainable development means new properties are built with modern amenities and green spaces. With plans for further infrastructure development, the real estate market in Ajman is expected to flourish in the coming years.

Can expats buy property in Ajman?

Yes, expatriates can buy property in designated freehold areas in Ajman.

Why should I move to Ajman?

Moving to Ajman offers individuals the unique blend of Emirati tradition and modern luxury. The Emirate provides a serene living experience away from the bustling city life of larger neighboring emirates, while still ensuring that every modern amenity and infrastructure is within reach. Additionally, Ajman’s strategic location on the Persian Gulf opens up trade and tourism avenues that are hard to match. The government’s commitment to sustainable development and promoting green spaces also ensures a healthier lifestyle for its residents.
Pros Cons
  • Affordable living compared to larger emirates
  • Robust infrastructure with modern amenities
  • Strategic location for trade and tourism
  • Commitment to sustainable development
  • Cultural richness with a touch of modernity
  • Smaller in size compared to neighboring emirates
  • Lesser number of global attractions
  • Still developing certain sectors and industries

Doing business in Ajman


The economy of Ajman, while smaller in comparison to giants like Dubai, is steady and growing. The Emirate places a significant emphasis on tourism, manufacturing, and real estate. The Ajman Free Zone and Ajman Port are significant contributors to the emirate’s economy, facilitating trade and attracting foreign investments.

Tax in Ajman

Ajman, like the rest of the UAE, offers a favorable tax regime to businesses. There is no personal income tax, and companies benefit from various tax exemptions. The Value Added Tax (VAT) is set at 5%, introduced to diversify the economy and reduce dependence on oil revenues. This low-tax environment is particularly attractive to international businesses and investors.


The startup scene in Ajman is budding and gaining traction. The government’s supportive policies, coupled with the benefits of the Ajman Free Zone, make it a favorable environment for startups. There are initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship, and incubators and accelerator programs are becoming more prevalent, helping young businesses flourish and innovate.

Company formation in Ajman (United Arab Emirates)

Ajman offers varied solutions for company incorporation. The Ajman Free Zone is a popular choice for foreign investors, providing benefits like 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of profits, and no import or export duties. This coupled with a simplified registration process, world-class infrastructure, and a strategic location makes Ajman an enticing destination for expats to set up their businesses.

How to open a company in Ajman?

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How to open a bank account in Ajman?

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Company formation in Ajman, United Arab Emirates: advantages and disadvantages

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