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Discover the process of opening a bank account in the Bahamas, explore its benefits, types of accounts, and gain insights into the country’s banking sector.

Opening a bank account in the Bahamas can be a straightforward and convenient process for both residents and non-residents. The Bahamas, known for its stable financial system and attractive offshore services, offers a variety of banking options to meet the diverse needs of its clients.
Remote opening Yes
Opening difficulty Simple
Currency Bahamian dollar (BSD)
Minimum deposit Varies by bank, usually around 100 BSD
Non-residents accepted? Yes

Why choose a Bank in Bahamas?

Setting up a bank account in the Bahamas can offer several advantages to individuals and businesses alike. With its well-established financial infrastructure and favorable tax policies, the Bahamas provides a secure and tax-efficient environment for managing funds and conducting international transactions.


  • Access to a stable and reliable banking system
  • Favorable tax environment and financial incentives
  • Ability to hold multiple currencies
  • Privacy and confidentiality in financial matters
  • Convenient remote account opening process


  • Potential language barrier for non-English speakers
  • Higher fees for certain banking services
  • Stringent anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements
  • Limited availability of physical branches for certain banks

Types of bank accounts in Bahamas

Personal bank account

A personal bank account in the Bahamas provides individuals with a secure and efficient way to manage their finances. It offers a range of services, including savings accounts, checking accounts, and access to online banking facilities.

Business bank account

For businesses operating in the Bahamas, a business bank account is essential for managing finances, accepting payments, and conducting transactions. It enables businesses to establish a professional financial presence and facilitate day-to-day operations.

The banking sector in Bahamas

The banking sector in the Bahamas is well-regarded internationally and is known for its stability, transparency, and adherence to international standards. Compared to similar countries, the Bahamas offers a strong regulatory framework and a commitment to combatting financial crimes, making it an attractive destination for individuals and businesses seeking reliable financial services.

Commercial banks operating in Bahamas

  • Bank of the Bahamas International
  • CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas)
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank (Bahamas)
  • Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited
  • Bank of America (Bahamas)
  • And many others

How to open a bank account in Bahamas


To open a bank account in the Bahamas, individuals and businesses must fulfill certain requirements set by the banks. These typically include providing identification documents, proof of address, and the completion of necessary application forms.
  • Valid passport or national ID
  • Proof of residential address
  • Source of funds declaration
  • Business registration documents (for business accounts)

Required documents

When opening a bank account in the Bahamas, you will need to present specific documents to verify your identity and comply with regulatory standards.
  • Valid passport or national ID
  • Recent utility bill or bank statement as proof of address
  • Letter of reference from a bank or professional institution
  • Bank account application forms


  1. Choose a bank that meets your financial needs and preferences.
  2. Gather all the required documents and information.
  3. Complete the bank’s account opening application form.
  4. Submit the application along with the necessary documents to the bank.
  5. Wait for the bank to process your application and approve your account.
  6. Once approved, you will receive your account details, and you can start using your bank account.

Frequently asked questions

Can a non-resident open a bank account in Bahamas?

Yes, non-residents can open a bank account in the Bahamas. The country welcomes international clients and offers a simple and efficient process for remote account opening.

How long does it take to register a bank account in Bahamas?

The time to register a bank account in the Bahamas may vary depending on the bank and the completeness of the application. In general, the process is quick, and you can expect to have your account set up within a few business days after submitting the required documents.

What are the steps to incorporate a company in Bahamas?

Choose a company name and ensure its availability. Prepare the necessary documents, including the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Submit the documents to the Companies Registry for approval. Pay the relevant fees and taxes. Obtain a business license, if required. Register with the National Insurance Board and the Value Added Tax (VAT) Department, if applicable. Open a bank account for the company to start conducting business operations.

What are the corporate tax rates in Bahamas?

Corporate tax rates in the Bahamas vary depending on the type of business and its income. For most companies, the standard corporate tax rate is 0%, making the Bahamas an attractive destination for international businesses seeking tax advantages.

What types of business entities can be formed in Bahamas?

The Bahamas offers several types of business entities, including companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, partnerships, and international business companies (IBCs). Each type of entity has its own benefits and requirements, catering to the needs of various businesses.

Are there any restrictions on foreign ownership of companies in Bahamas?

No, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of companies in the Bahamas. Foreigners can fully own and operate businesses in the country, enjoying the same rights and privileges as local businesses.

What is the process for obtaining business licenses in Bahamas?

The process for obtaining business licenses in the Bahamas may vary depending on the type of business and its activities. Generally, businesses must apply for the relevant licenses from the government agencies responsible for regulating their specific industries. This may involve submitting application forms, supporting documentsand paying the required fees. The government will then review the application and assess whether the business complies with all the necessary regulations and meets the eligibility criteria for the license.

What are the accounting and reporting requirements for companies in Bahamas?

Companies in the Bahamas are required to maintain accurate accounting records and financial statements that reflect their financial position and transactions. These records must comply with international accounting standards. Additionally, companies must file annual returns with the Registrar General, providing updated information about their directors, shareholders, and registered office address.

What is the minimum capital requirement for company formation in Bahamas?

The Bahamas does not impose a minimum capital requirement for company formation. Companies can be incorporated with any amount of share capital, as determined by their shareholders.

Are there any special incentives for certain industries in Bahamas?

Yes, the Bahamas offers various incentives to promote investment in specific industries. These incentives may include tax breaks, customs duty exemptions, and other financial benefits to support businesses operating in targeted sectors such as tourism, financial services, and technology.

What are the annual maintenance requirements for companies in Bahamas?

Companies in the Bahamas are required to meet annual maintenance obligations, which typically include filing annual returns, holding annual general meetings, and paying annual fees to the Companies Registry. Failure to fulfill these obligations may result in penalties or potential dissolution of the company.

Can a foreigner be the sole director and shareholder of a company in Bahamas?

Yes, a foreigner can be the sole director and shareholder of a company in the Bahamas. The country does not impose any nationality restrictions on company ownership or directorship, allowing individuals from any country to own and manage businesses in the Bahamas.

How long does it typically take to incorporate a company in Bahamas?

The time to incorporate a company in the Bahamas can vary depending on the complexity of the business structure and the efficiency of the incorporation process. In general, it can take approximately two to four weeks to complete the registration and obtain the necessary legal documents for the newly incorporated company.

Are there any restrictions on the use of company names in Bahamas?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on the use of company names in the Bahamas to avoid confusion and misleading representations. Company names must not be identical or too similar to existing company names, and they should not contain any offensive or restricted words. The proposed name must also comply with the guidelines set by the Registrar General’s office.

What is the role of a company secretary in Bahamas?

In the Bahamas, a company secretary is not a mandatory requirement for all companies. However, some companies may choose to appoint a company secretary to assist with administrative and compliance matters. The company secretary is responsible for maintaining corporate records, preparing and filing necessary documents, and ensuring compliance with company laws and regulations.

What are the compliance requirements for Bahamian companies?

Bahamian companies are subject to various compliance requirements to maintain their legal status and good standing. These requirements include filing annual returns, holding regular board meetings, maintaining proper accounting records, and adhering to anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations.

Are there any specific regulations for offshore companies in Bahamas?

Yes, the Bahamas is known for its well-established offshore financial services industry. Offshore companies, also known as International Business Companies (IBCs), benefit from various advantages, including tax exemptions, privacy protection, and minimal reporting requirements. However, these companies are not allowed to conduct business with residents of the Bahamas.

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